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Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral
with its majestic Renaissance architecture, proudly stands at the heart of the city.

The Florence Cathedral, with its Renaissance grandeur, proudly stands in the heart of the city. Its imposing facade is adorned with intricate architectural details and finely crafted decorations. The Brunelleschi Dome, a symbol of genius and ingenuity, dominates the skyline with its spiral structure. The interwoven red bricks create a captivating visual pattern, showcasing a perfect harmony between form and function.
From above, the bustling alleys and vibrant squares unfold as a fascinating urban mosaic. Historic buildings rise gracefully, offering a glimpse into Florence's millennia-old history. The vibrant colors of the facades blend with the greenery of gardens and parks, creating an atmosphere of serenity and beauty.
In this image, the magical ambiance of Florence comes to life through the intrinsic details of its architecture and the pulsating energy of city life. It becomes an irresistible call for visitors, enticing them to explore the historic streets, admire the art masterpieces, and savor the delightful Tuscan cuisine.
The photo not only captures visual attention but also evokes emotions and a sense of wonder. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the history and culture of Florence, to discover every captivating corner, and to create unforgettable memories.

with its majestic Renaissance architecture, proudly stands at the heart of the city.


Judith and Holofernes

The victory of a woman over injustice and violence she suffered, have been expressed through painting.

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Michelangelo and his friend Lorenzo il Magnifico

Christ is represented here as a young man!

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Disquieting statue in the Uffizi Gallery

Cosimo the Elder purchased the statue and showed it at the entrance of the new palace.

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Hercoles and Nesso by Giambologna

A great governor needs intelligence but also energy and force to be at the head of a princedom.

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Visite guidate

Gioco dedicato ai bambini di 6 -11 anni . Accompagnati dai genitori.
Tra boschi e fontane, un luogo magico dove la storia si incontra e si scontra con la natura.
Un percorso tra arte, storia e spiritualità tra opere d'arte e la famiglia dei Medici.
Racconteremo storie di omicidi e di fantasmi che ancora oggi sembrano infestare molti palazzi.