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Disquieting statue in the Uffizi Gallery

Disquieting statue
Have you ever looked at the disquieting statue situtated in the western corridor of the Uffizi gallery
The Roman statute represents Marsyas who is going to die... Marsyas was a satyr: he dared challenge Apollo in a music competition but Apollo was the God of music. The satyr obviously lost so Apollo tied Marsyas to a tree and flayed him. The particular red colour comes from a kind of marble called "pavonazzetto" (a variety of Carrara marble) and reminds us the blood of a flayed body!!
Cosimo the Elder purchased the statue and showed it at the entrance of the new palace Michelozzo had just completed,
Palazzo Medici, becoming a warning for all people who wanted to be received by Cosimo.
Cosimo the Elder, as we know, governed Florence establishing a "cripto-signoria", an hidden government. In fact, he didn't want to contrast Florentine Republic to risk the exile for the second time but the particular position he chose for the Masyas suggests us he was really sure about himself and he certainly knew people and Florentine population supported him.....Don't you think the same?



Judith and Holofernes

The victory of a woman over injustice and violence she suffered, have been expressed through painting.

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Atlas, the slave sculpted by Michelangelo is supporting the world

The slaves perfectly reveal how the artist worked: Michelangelo thought the sculpture was already living inside a block of marble it was "imprisoned" in the...

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Hercoles and Nesso by Giambologna

A great governor needs intelligence but also energy and force to be at the head of a princedom.

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A giraffe in Palazzo Vecchio

The animal was a gift the Egyptian sultan offered to Lorenzo in 1487 to obtain his support.

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Visite guidate

Tra religione, astronomia e panorami esclusivi, solo all'osservatorio Ximeniano
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