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Free Book: Things seen in Florence

Things seen in Florence
By E. Grerson, 1922
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Profusely Illustrated​
FLORENCE! La Citta del Fiore! The City of Flowers! At the mere mention of its name visions rise in our minds of all that is beautiful in Art, and all that is quaint, and picturesque, and turbulent, in mediaeval history.
Yet it is possible that, as we journey thither, and draw near the city, we may feel somewhat disappointed as the train enters a region of low, undulating hills, covered, in late summer and autumn at least, by a mantle of what might be mistaken for low, sad-coloured brushwood, but which is in reality a vast expanse of vineyards and oliveyards, which take their general note of colour from the dull greenygrey of the olive-trees [...]
Things Seen in Florence
Download Free Book in PDF
FLORENCE! La Citta del Fiore! The City of Flowers! At the mere mention of its name visions rise in our minds of all that is beautiful in Art, and all that is quaint, and picturesque, and turbulent, in mediaeval history.
Profusely Illustrated​



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