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Mysterious Florence, Inferno tour

All our professional guides are English speakers
and help you to know Florence through the expert eyes of a Florentine.
Private Guided Tour "tax included (22%)":
110 euro 1 - 2 guests
140 euro 3 - 5 guests
180 euro 6 - 10 guests

A minor is free for each paying adult guest; otherwise each minor costs 20 euro.

Headphones for groups with more than 10 participants 1,20 euro each guest

If you would like to book a private tour, please send an email with the details of your request to the following address: francesca@conoscifirenze.it

about 2 hours
The tickets for Palazzo Vecchio are not included in the guided tour price.
Meeting Point: At your hotel if located in central Florence or a different meeting point previously established
In case of cancellation, please contact us.

If a reservation  is canceled at least 4 days before the day of the tour, the penalty is equal to 30% of the gross total. For bookings canceled 3 days or less before the day of the tour, the penalty charge will be equal to 100% of the gross total (price paid is NOT REFUNDABLE).​

Mysterious Florence: Inferno tour
please contact us.

Everybody can take part, even people who haven’t read the book!
Mr. Robert Langdon wants to understand the reason why he has lost his memory: somebody wants to kill him, why? Let’s walk together to discover some of the places Robert and Sienna Brooks visited and put the professor mind in order: help him! A strange phrase “Cerca Trova” often appears in his dreams; where is the phrase hidden? What is Mr. Langdon looking for and what does this phrase really mean? Dante’s mask usually situated at the second floor of the place  disappeared…..Who is the owner? 
(Inside Palazzo Vecchio we will explain even some rooms that aren’t part of Inferno tour: Eleonora’s quartier and the rooms dedicated to her virtues; the first core of the Priors Palace where the original statue of “Judith and Holofernes” by Donatello is preserved).
Inferno tour proceeds inside the “Sala delle Carte Geografiche”, then Robert escapes from Palazzo Vecchio to visit the places where Dante lived in Middle Ages. In the Baptistery instead he will discover something really interesting.


Private Guided Tours in Florence

Boat trip on the Arno with “Renaioli”

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The Florentine guilds

When did guilds increase their power? Who was enrolled and why? Dante Alighieri for example belonged to the guild of “Doctors and Pharmacists”

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Walking Tour in Florence

Guided walking tour through the heart of Florence, where you can admire the most famous monuments in an unforgettable and unique cultural context.

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The Medici family, a dynasty at the power

Palazzo Vecchio represents the symbol of the power of Cosimo I: the duke lived here from 1540 imposing his power over the old Florentine Republic.

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Visite guidate

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