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Free Book: The travel Lovers Library Florence

The travel Lovers Library
By Pierre Gauthiez

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Some cities in the world are as dear to us as people, but can such a feeling be justified towards a foreign city and above all, towards a city so intensely foreign as Florence? I believe so, and I should like to shpw how and why one can gradually become so bewitched by the fair land of Florence that, if forced to leave it, one is haunted by a longing to return. It is not always the first impression that conveys this enchantment. I remember my very first glimpse of Florence — how long ago ! — on a mournful autumn evening, grey and rainy. In the last century Florence was badly lighted.
2 editions (2 ebooks) - first published in 1900

2 editions (2 ebooks) - first published in 19002 editions (2 ebooks) - first published in 1900


2 editions (2 ebooks) - first published in 1900

Download Free in PDF

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